Experienced and qualified lawyers and surveyors can assist buyers or investors throughout the entire purchase process, from the selection of a suitable property up until the closing of the deal, providing advice in conveyancing, tax planning, purpose vehicles, etc.

Here are some issues commonly encountered when purchasing a property:

a) unauthorized building alterations; properties that do not precisely comply with planning regulations cannot legally be sold and, in the event the parties are able to close the purchase of an irregular property, the purchase deed can subsequently be declared null and void;
b) third-party rights (e.g. In Italy, the historical buildings authority has the right to buy the property at the same price indicated in the purchase deed; if instead the property is comprised of agricultural land, neighbours are entitled to purchase the property and can therefore replace the buyer in the transaction);
c) additional taxes; tax authorities may question the price indicated in the purchase deed and, if the authority demonstrates that the stated price of the transaction falls far below the fair market price, it can claim an additional payment of taxes to cover the amount that should, in their view, have been paid.