ADDITALY specializes in assisting clients with any aspect of the purchase, sale, renovation or construction process, providing full legal and technical support throughout. Clients may be private individuals or companies, Italian or foreign citizens. For buyers, ADDITALY’s nationwide Property Finding service is always highly appreciated.
Alternatively, ADDITALY’s portfolio contains properties that have already been subject to strict due-diligence investigations, covering all legal, technical, and financial aspects. For buyers of luxury residential properties, ADDITALY can even help new owners acquaint themselves with the best of Italian life and culture, local amenities and selected suppliers.

Discover our Core services

Property Finding

ADDITALY is constantly aware of the many opportunities offered by the Italian market, at both residential and commercial levels and is able to quickly provide a shortlist of properties, perfectly in line with the specific requirements of the buyer or investor.

Due Diligence

Buyers or investors invariably need a reliable due diligence on the real property prior to closing a purchase. This is due to the many aspects that can adversely affect the purchase of a property, such as burdens, easements and third-party rights, which often end up being disputed before the courts.

Legal and technical assistance

Experienced and qualified lawyers and surveyors can assist buyers or investors throughout the entire purchase process, from the selection of a suitable property up until the closing of the deal, providing advice in conveyancing, tax planning, special purpose vehicles, etc.

Additional services

Financing - ADDITALY helps buyers and investors evaluate and take advantage of financing opportunities for purchases and projects. In particular, the service ranges from assistance with the negotiation of mortgage loans for the purchase of properties to the drafting of financial plans for property development projects, together with a team of banks.

Building Works - ADDITALY is comprised of surveyors, architects and engineers capable of evaluating and managing any aspect of construction or restoration works. This commonly includes planning and assistance with obtaining building permits and project management during the course of construction works.

Visas and residency - ADDITALY can assist buyers and investors with general administrative issues like entry visas and temporary residence permits, obtaining residency, etc.