Buyers or investors invariably need a reliable due diligence on the real property prior to closing a purchase. This is due to the many aspects that can adversely affect the purchase of a property, such as burdens, easements and third-party rights, which often end up being disputed before the courts. These problems can take a long time to resolve and the aim is of course to avoid any such issues prior to entering into a deal.
Besides describing the property, the due diligence highlights and identifies the crucial factors that drive the transaction, such as urban and town-planning aspects, legal and fiscal issues. Projects and rendering for future building works are also included where applicable.
In the case of important historic properties, the due diligence also serves to reconstruct their centuries-old history, often recounting a glimpse of the life and times of the noble families that built them.


Today, important properties or complex investments are publicized worldwide. To effectively promote a property, it is necessary to equip it with a comprehensive and attractive report, capable of transmitting all the relevant data and character of the property to faraway buyers.

This report must be assimilated into the due diligence. This tool can then be used to obtain maximum visibility as well as manage confidential one-on-one negotiations.

Additaly can furthermore offer very advantageous agreements with property owners wishing to obtain a due diligence.
Samples of past due diligence carried out on both residential and commercial properties are available on request.